Herbal Tea

A good herbal tea combines good flavor with the healing properties of herbs. It is made by combining the freshest water with the highest quality of herbs available to you.


A tincture is made by immersing plant material (flowers, leaves, and/or roots), into alcohol (if the plant is fresh), or into a mixture of alcohol and water (if the plant has been dried).  The tincture is ready for use in about 4-6 weeks. Tinctures keep well over time and are easily dispensed, usually measured by dropperful.

Infused Oil

An herbal infused oil is made by combining plant material with oil, such as olive, grapeseed, sesame, or any other plant based oil of your choice. This is allowed to either set for several weeks, sometimes in the sun, or heated gently for an hour or so in order to extract the properties of the plant into the oil. Generally, this oil is used topically, although some can be used internally as salad dressing, etc. An infused oil is NOT the same as an essential oil. They are much safer to use, since the properties of the plant in an infused oil are not as intense as what is found in an essential oil.

Herbal Actions

The way an herb affects the body—the nature of its action—helps bring about balance and relieve symptoms for certain ailments. Herbs have many different actions. A knowledge of these particular actions, along with a sense of the organs and tissues where they primarily act, helps you to effectively choose which one or more of several herbs to use in your remedies.