Latin NameSolidago canadensis
Family: Asteraceae         

DescriptionA wild, edible perennial plant that grows throughout the United States.  It reproduces through its roots, bulbs, stems and by its seed. The plant has long wood-like stems with spiky tooth like parts which are widely-space, with yellow flowers that grow in thick, narrow pyramidal clusters from mid-July to September. The pollen of this plant is spread by insects, not the wind. 

Parts Used: Leaves and flowers harvested in the early flowering stage, without the stem 

Plant Properties: drying, aromatic, carminative, diuretic, diaphoretic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antiseptic, expectorant 

UsesA soothing tonic for the entire genito-urinary tract. Is useful as a diuretic and antiseptic for treating kidney or bladder infections. Other uses include treatment of kidney stones, seasonal allergies, arthritis, fungal infections, bleeding disorders, fevers, diarrhea, venous insufficiency, edema. 

Plant Preparations

Tea – A basic tea can be made of the dried herb. A goldenrod tea has 7 times the antioxidant levels of green tea. A hot tea will cause sweating. Warm or cold, the tea will act as a diuretic, which is preferable when treating a kidney or bladder infection. The tea also contains the constituent rutin, which is an antioxidant considered especially beneficial for heart health by increasing capillary strength and supporting health circulation. 

Infused oil – A goldenrod infused oil can be used topically to relieve many different aches and pains, from chronic arthritis to acute injuries. It may also provide relief for itches and swellings on the skin. 

Poultice – Goldenrod poultices have been used for healing wounds and burns. 

Herbal bath – Goldenrod contains saponins that are antifungal and act specifically against the Candida fungus. It can be swished in the mouth for oral thrush, or used as a sitz bath for vaginal infections. 

Infused honey – A goldenrod-infused honey can be used for sore throats. 

Tincture – Goldenrod tones and tightens the tissues of the urinary system, while protecting against bacteria. It can eliminate itchy red eyes, runny nose and excessive sneezing caused by allergies, both seasonal and cat dander.